Oh the joys of Christmas and New Year!

2020 has been quite tumultuous for all of us and we can use a little bit of treat. And what better than the traditional goodness of a rum cake?

The holiday season is here and it is no surprise that the air is filled with the heady aroma of cakes and confectionaries. One thing that defines Christmas is the yummy rum cake and if you are in luck, it is the delectable rum cake by Wadhwa Bakers. 

Having been the Christmas attraction for years, Wadhwa Baker’s rum cake is a sweet hug in a bowl. So if you want a taste of what true-blue heavenly rum cake tastes like, you can either walk into Wadhwa Bakers or save the secret recipe that has been around for years, tantalizing many taste buds. 

Here’s how you can whip up your very own rum cake, Wadhwa style!

Secret ingredients – Soak them in Rum

For Soaking:

Finely chop the above mentioned fruits in a wide bowl and give them a good mix. Soak this mixture in rum and let it stay for a while. 

  • Black Raisins: 150 gms
  • Normal Raisin: 150 gm
  • Cranberry: 100 gm
  • Dates: 150 gm
  • Figs ( Chopped): 150 gm
  • Orange peel: 100 gms
  • Cherries: 150 gms
  • Tutti Frutti: 150 gms


  • Plain flour: 300 gms
  • Soaked Dryfruits: 550 gms
  • Baking powder: 7.5 gms
  • Brown Sugar: 215 gm
  • Butter: 200 gm
  • eggs: 200 gm
  • Vanilla Essence: 5 gm
  • Apricot jam: 15 gm
  • Cardamom: 2 pcs
  • Clove: 2 pcs
  • cinnamon: 1.5 gm
  • Nutmeg Powder: 1 Pcs

Preparation: Let’s Get Started!

Making the cake

1. Whisk butter and sugar together until it formas creamy. You can use a hand whisk or an electric beater, till smooth.

2. Add eggs one by one to the mixture and whisk it, again till you get a smooth and creamy texture.

3. Sieve your plain flour, baking powder,  and powders of cardamon, clove, cinnamon and nutmeg till they have clean of all granular elements. 

4. Add all the dry ingredients like plain flour, baking powder, cardamon, clove, cinnamon and nutmeg and whisk them thoroughly so that no lumps remain.

5. Now comes the fun part. Add your soaked fruits and dry fruits along with vanilla essence.

6. Fold this mixture gently and do not over-mix this delicious batter. 

7. While you prepare your batter for the next step, preheat your oven at 150 -160 degree celsius. 

7. While the oven is prepping, you divide the batter in bakeable containers.

8. Once your oven it ready, pop your already yummy rum cake in and bake it for 40- 45 mins.

Breathe in the aroma as you take your cake out the oven and let it cool. It is mouth watering already!

Test it using a fork or a toothpick. Prick it at the top and check for the texture and consistency. Once you are satisfied, brush the surface with the rum for the extra punch. 

You can wrap it tightly (but gently) in an aluminium foil and keep it at  room temperature. Slice and serve it to your loved ones for the next 2-3 days.

P.S – This cake will be over in a couple of hours so make sure you make a handful!

Pro Tip: If you are looking for non-alcoholic option, try soaking the fruits in orange juice, apple juice or a combination. For alcoholic versions, you can also switch rum with wine or brandy. 

And your cake is ready! 

You can also gift it to your loved ones and celebrate the festive together! Let us know in the comments below how your lovely rum cake turned out.

Holidays Ahoy!

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