Whether you want to start your morning full of energy, or rejuvenate your spirits at any time throughout the day to keep up the vigor, Chai is the most popular choice of refreshment across India. It is not just a beverage to provide an extra boost to kick-start the day, but very much a comfort food that helps us to navigate the dynamics of life with a little more ease. Having a bad day at work? A perfectly brewed cup of tea (with some tasty snack) may not fix the issue, but it certainly can help to pick-up your mood.

Masala chai-lovers swear by the magical properties of this delicious beverage to heal the spirits, provide a respite from the constant rush and give a jolt of much needed energy to continue the adventure of life. And if that cup of tea is accompanied by some Khari, then as the old saying goes, it’s nothing less than ‘sone pe suhaga’!

The love affair of chai and khari is well-known, much beloved and remains constant throughout ages. Khari is a tasty and popular snack, and a common accompaniment with masala chai in various parts of India. In Lucknow, where tea time is as much as ritual as a routine, khari remains a favorite namkeen snack. So much so, that you will never see your local chai-wallah in Lucknow give you a cup of hot and fresh tea without offering khari. Many purists consider Khari and chai to be the best combination, and it is seconded by the best khari and chai makers in Lucknow. Old bakeries in Lucknow that have always been a reliable source of fresh khari for generations, can attest to the popularity of this namkeen and how it is best combined with chai to bring out wholesome flavors of both.

Today, khari is available in diverse flavors and even comes in various nutritive avatars. With the rising health consciousness among people, many of us want to enjoy our chai with khari and other namkeen, but without compromising on nutrition. Hence, in recent years, there is an increase in demand in Lucknow for healthy tea snacks, such as nutritious rusk, khari, biscuits, and other namkeens. Bakeries, which are tried and trusted sources of tea snacks and accompaniments in Lucknow, where you can buy khari, rusk, mamakpare and other namkeens quite easily, have adapted to changing nutritional trends and diversified their offerings. Old local bakeries despite many times retaining the traditional way of making khari and other namkeen, often offer healthier options than modern bakeries. Their long experience offers them unique insights about eating habits of people and evolution of their tastes with time.

It is a testament to our love for chai and khari, that despite the rise and fall of other tea snacks, this combination continues to remain a favorite across generations. There are other snacks that come close to this popularity, such as rusks, namakpare, various namkeens, but the love affair of chai and khari is unparalleled in its fame.

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