Chhat puja is one of the most important festivals in Bihar and is the origin of some of the most delectable Indian sweets and delicacies. So what can you expect to fill you bellies during the holy days of Chhat?

Here are a few names for you!

Mal Pua

This is a sweet pancake made from milk, flour, nuts and cardamom and the deep-fried, preferably in desi ghee till they are crispy and golden brown. The Mal Pua is made on the 3rd day of Chhat puja. Before it is consumed, it is offered to the deity first. 


The signature sweetmeat of Chhat, these are golden deep-fried biscuits make up for an important part of the festival. It holds a special meaning for those celebrating Chhat. Thekuas are made using jaggery syrup and deep-fried in desi ghee and crispy on the outside while sweet & chewy on the inside.

Rasio Kheer

Rasio kheer or rice kheer is no ordinary kheer. It is a specially prepared sweet dish, saved for the second day known as Lohanda. Rasio kheer is made using rice and jaggery that gives it its lovely golden colour and wonderful aroma. For special purposes of the festival, the kheer is cooked in a bronze vessel with mango wood used as fuel. And since we are talking about kheer, it is filled with crunchy nuts, making this delectable sweet truly divine. 

Non-Sweet Items for Chhat

While we are focusing on the sweets made during Chhat, not mentioning the following delicacies would be a disservice to the concept of Chhat. 

Kaddu Bhaat

Kaddu or Pumpkin curry, it is a fasting meal during the Chhat. Consumed during the ‘Nahaye-Khaye’ by ‘Vraitins’, it is the most important meal of the day. 

Hara Chana

An important part of the Chhat thali, Hara chana or green chana. These green chana are soaked overnight and cooked in ghee, fried along with cumin, green chillies, and seeds. Served with kaddu ki sabzi, puri and meetha. 

So what delectable treats are you looking forward to during the Chhat.

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