The pandemic brought in a wave of home-grown activities where the family got together to fill their days with fun programs such as gardening, game nights and baking, to name a few. 

It turns out, the trend continues, and now with children’s day around the corner, it is a great idea to indulge your kid in baking and confectioneries which not only help them learn new skills but also tantalise their inner culinarian.

Here are ten super simple baking dishes to try with your kids this children’s day. 

  • Easy Peasy Choco Chip Muffins

A deliciously classic recipe that needs no more than 15 minutes, these chocolate chip muffins are all-time favourites snacks and a little indulgence for those with a sweet tooth!

  • Cake in a Mug

Just like the name sounds, this is a cake that can be made in a mug. Suppose you and your child are choco-freaks, this simple four-ingredient recipe – comprising of milk, dark chocolate, flour and baking powder is for you. Just mix ‘em up, pop it in the microwave for 5 minutes and you are done!

  • Almond Biscuits 

These little chewy goodness are made of almonds, raw sugar and egg with a prep time ranging for not more than 10 minutes. Ask your kid to show her baking skills with these simple and safe treats. 

Sugarless Almond Cookies from Wadhwa Bakers
  • Nutella Cake

So there is no big shocker there, but this cake requires only two ingredients – some Nutella and a couple of eggs. Whisk them together and bake them to perfection. Let your kid bite into the chocolatey goodness and watch them swoon!

  • Peanut Butter Cookies

A 3-ingredient recipe but with no flour, these simple biscuits are a treat for the senses. Super quick and easily emulated, the peanut butter cookies can be easily prepared by your young bakers. 

  • Coconut Biscuits

The sweet coconut flavour is what makes an essential part of every child’s palate. These simple, yummy and easy on the wallet confectionaries are great recipes for kids to try their hand at baking something tasty!

Coconut Biscuit from Wadhwa Bakers
  • Jam Treats

This simple and sweet treat is easy to make and has a long shelf life – though it may not last as long as you would like it to with those little hands always finding their way to the cookie jar. With a baking time of 15 minutes, these cookies can have any jam of your kiddo’s choice. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab the ingredients and Get, Set, Bake!

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