There is something about gifts that you make yourself. A handmade greeting card or knitted scarf – it says a lot about your affection and adds that very elegant touch. However, what if you can blend this heartwarming gesture with a tantalising treat?

Yep! We are talking about edible gifts that YOU can make for your loved ones and gift them this Christmas! It will warm the heart and satisfy the taste buds, all at the same time.

Now that you are on the edible gift bandwagon, here are 10 tasty treats that you can make right there in your kitchen and wrap it up as the perfect Christmas present.

Gingerbread Christmas Tree Cookie

Nothing says Christmas better than Gingerbread Christmas Tree Cookie! These cookies are cute and festive. Their 3D shape does put them on the sweet pedestal and can light up the gifting experience like no other!

Snowman Spoons 

If your loved ones love Olaf from The Frozen or have children who are huge fans themselves, this is the perfect gift for them! As the name suggests, these are edible candy spoons with marshmallow snowmen on top! All you need is a candy cane, melted chocolate which you can fashion into the round top and marshmallow balls to make the round snow-fellows! A dozen or two of these and you will be their favourite people!

X-mas Jam

An Indian twist to the Christmas tradition, the X-mas Jam is your all-time favourite Gulab Jamun with snowflakes on it. These snowflakes are made of white sugar paste which you can simply sprinkle over the piping Gulab Jamuns and give your Christmas delicacies a desi twist!

Rum and Raisin Pastry

These flavourful sweetmeats with a generous helping of the celebratory rum are perfect for your friends and family, especially after a very very long year! The Rum and Raisin Pastry is a Christmas favourite and truly makes it the most wonderful time of the year! Make sure you make ample of these babies since one or two of them per person won’t make the cut! If you want your pastry to be devoid of rum (why?), you can switch it up with orange juice.

Christmas Pudding 

Guess which is the best sweet treat you can give your loved ones? The proof is in the pudding… Its a delectable Christmas Pudding! The traditional treat, a Christmas pudding is dark and dense sponge, made of dried and candied fruit along with the tanginess of citrus and apple peels. Mix them all up and make it with some affection and there you have it, your very own edible Christmas Pudding gift!

Hazelnut Praline Mousse

If your loved ones are the one to go for the nutty flavour and gooey chocolaty goodness, this is a great Christmas idea. What makes it better is the praline paste’s texture that makes it easy to make this mousse in your kitchen. The hints of hazelnut and caramel add the perfect topping to this edible gift. It is a merry Christmas indeed!

Walnut and Date Cake

The quintessential cake is a Christmas favourite of many. Easy to prepare and delicious to eat, a walnut and date cake is the perfect way to turn a frown upside down! Even if you are new to the baking journey, a walnut and date cake is a great way to initiate your culinary journey while making a gift from your heart for your loved ones. 

Rum Cakes

Christmas edible gifting does not get any better than rum cakes! These light fluffy cakes soaked in booze is the ideal choice if you are gifting your adult friends. All you need is flour, baking powder, vanilla extract, butter, sugar, and of course, rum! Mix them all up and you have a rooty rum cake, much to your friends’ delight!

Apricot Fruit Cake

Bring in the festive cheer with the light apricot fruitcake but which gives a burst of flavours in just one bite! Accompanied by raisins, dried fruits and nuts, the apricot in the apricot cake is the perfect touch to the holiday seasons. 

Berry Cupcakes with Cheese Cream Frosting

These beautiful cupcakes are bursting with fruity berry flavour and the smoothness of cream with a hint of lemon. The frosting is delectable and the sponge is so soft and juicy. Thanks to their beautiful representation including berries, you don’t have to work very hard to present them as gifts to your loved ones!

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